Giving Back

There is no denying that these days, every penny counts. And, nobody knows this better than a stingy …err, frugal Dutchman.  Counting those pennies isn’t exclusive to us at, but also applies to countless other charities and organizations that depend on our collective generosity.

Our pledge?

We promise to continually give ten percent of the revenue generated by to those worthy causes that need it most.  That ten percent may be ten bucks or ten thousand bucks, depending on how many awesome T-shirts you purchase.  So really, this whole giving back thing is all on you …no pressure.

So, why give back?

We could give you several reasons, such as:

• It makes us feel good knowing that we are doing some good in this crazy, messed-up world,

• It makes you feel good!  Not only do you get some awesome Dutch-themed gear, but you are also simultaneously helping others. …And if that doesn’t make you feel good, you might need to check and see if you’re part German (don’t worry, we won’t tell),

• Political views aside, some folks really need that cash more than we do, and

• We’ll give your dough to a really good cause.  Because, let’s face it, you would have just blown that cash on gummy worms or another pumpkin spice latte.

Who are you going to give my money to?

Although those little panda bears are sooo cute, we are not set on buying a year’s worth of bamboo.  We here at will support highly ranked charities that are involved in things like finding a cure for cancer, raising awareness for cystic fibrosis, helping kids, and disaster relief.

We’d also like to support local charities that are based in those cute little Dutch towns scattered across the country.  We didn’t reclaim a third of our homeland from the sea by not helping each other out.  If your hometown has a windmill and a cool charity that you think we should be giving to, drop us a note and fill us in.